The Drone Market Is Projected To Surpass $30+ B. So Which Company Comes Out On Top?

  • Draganfly (NASDAQ: DPRO, CSE: DPROan award-winning, full-service drone company, is working with key partners and a top Ukrainian relief agency to help provide humanitarian aid in Ukraine.
  • Businesses across the spectrum are laying down orders for drones offering unique, customized solutions.
  • Drones are now in highest demand for precision agriculture, mining, medical assistance, insurance claims, disaster relief, environmental assessment – led by a scorching 57% year growth for logistics.
  • The global UAV leader is trusted by multibillion-dollar businesses for increased asset visibility, grounds security, improved loss prevention, and drastically reduced labor costs.

From rosy predictions to better-than-expected performance, drones continue to live up to the hype.

Today, the worldwide drone market is bigger than helicopters2.  It’s all because unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)  have flown down an entirely new path.

Enterprise drones are now serving the needs of industry leaders across a variety of major markets. These cutting-edge solutions are launching into action so quickly that the trend line has gone vertical.

The undisputed winner to watch here is Draganfly (NASDAQ: DPRO, CSE: DPRO).

The Smart Money Is Doubling Down On Drones

Businesses are paying close attention to the winning economics of UAVs. According to Grandview Market Research, the commercial drone industry is expected to be  worth $501.4 billion by 2028.3

While everyone in the industry knows what’s going on, it’s almost entirely the “smart money” investors, like hedge funds, who have caught on to the booming enterprise trend in drones.

They’re even snatching up companies that haven’t earned a dime yet – that’s how confident they are that enterprise drones are tomorrow’s big moneymakers.

On February 7, 2022, Forbes ran an article with the headline: Drone Explosion: $5B Investment In 2 Years, 129 Startups, 170 New Craft.

There are still some opportunities to get in early, but the trend is too big to stay hidden.

One company that is garnering a lot of attention is Draganfly (NASDAQ: DPRO, CSE: DPRO).

Draganfly Has Major Cred In The Enterprise Market

Since its founding in 1998, enterprise buyers have looked to Draganfly for its proven ability to tailor professional-quality equipment to precise demands.

Draganfly has developed an impressive legacy of products, with 24 patents issued and one currently pending.

The company’s cutting-edge drone solutions cover the entire enterprise marketplace, including military, agriculture, insurance, resource management, mining, logistics, emergency response, energy, and communications.

They range from large quadcopters that can spread soil amendments over thousands of acres, to multirotor drones perfected for surveillance, and fixed-wing UAVs that are ideal for mapping.

That’s why a growing number of major brands have worked with Draganfly, which already includes a variety of multibillion-dollar companies:

  • Red Bull ($17.7 billion market cap)
  • Shell ($198.24 billion market cap)
  • Newmont Goldcorp ($60.21 billion market cap)
  • Ford ($65.55 billion market cap)
  • Suncor Energy ($45 billion market cap)
  • Paramount Global (formerly known as Viacom, $22.01 billion market cap)

Draganfly’s fast-growing list of referenceable and repeat customers is a big part of why it’s the best-positioned drone company in the marketplace – just as it becomes a double-digit growth sector.

But there’s more than just that.

It’s what puts Draganfly (NASDAQ: DPRO, CSE: DPRO) ahead of the many competitors trying to get in on this burgeoning sector.

Businesses Need More Than Unmanned Vehicles

When it comes to overhauling outdated operations and infrastructures with new technologies such as drones, companies really need experts.

These skilled professionals can adapt a drone to specific payloads or design new models as companies expand. Their background in aerial imaging, data systems and much more can guide companies through the integration of revolutionary technologies such as UAVs into their existing operations.

Major brands are flocking to Draganfly because it offers a  complete turnkey service platform and adept team.

Support capabilities include:

  • Product development: Multirotor, fixed-wing, sensors, software, and AI
  • Contract engineering: Prototypes and customized systems
  • Software, Data, and AI: Pairing software, systems, and interface design for specific uses
  • Flight Services: Mapping, surveying, data collection, and delivery


Partnering With AeroVironment

With over $7 million in revenue last year, Draganfly (NASDAQ: DPRO, CSE: DPRO) has continued to hit significant sales milestones from quarter to quarter.

The company’s growth in recent years has impressed a number of established organizations.

In 2020, AeroVironment, a $1.8 billion military contractor who has been a Draganfly client over the years expanded its relationship to include a working agreement for the Quantix Mapper system.

Draganfly is providing e-commerce, enterprise, and direct sales operations while AeroVironment is bringing its long legacy of work with farmers, site managers, miners, and natural resource agencies to the table.

It’s a win-win.

The Quantix Mapping System is highly desirable equipment, allowing for improved automation capabilities4.

As a result of the partnership, AeroVironment and Draganfly have seen an increase in drone sales. But, Draganfly is also gaining revenue from upgrades, customized build-outs, data systems, mapping consultations as well as accessories like cameras and sensors.


Draganfly Drones Are Hi-Tech, High-Impact, And In High-Demand

Draganfly (NASDAQ: DPRO, CSE: DPRO) has already been in business for more than two decades — successfully serving every one of the industries that analysts say will be worth billions in business ahead:


With extreme weather becoming more common, insurance companies are not only taking a hit for payout – but they’re also feeling a pinch in manpower.

Brad Clow is a crop operations manager for the insurance company Country Financial. He’s a believer in what drones are capable of:

“In the past, if we had a wind claim on a 200-acre field, we would deploy four to five adjusters to walk that entire field looking for damage. It could take four to five hours. Now we can fly that field and cover that 200 acres within probably 15 to 20 minutes.”5 

Equipped with a suite of sophisticated sensor technology, a Draganfly drone can easily do it in roughly 15 minutes.

Mining and Construction Safety

PwC says this will soon be a $28.3 billion market. That growth is coming in fast because of the massive savings drones can accomplish.

U.S. regulations require construction and mining sites to be monitored for worker safety. Every inspection takes 10 hours to a few days — by an expert who likely earns close to $95,000 or more per year.6

Logistics-Ready Deliveries

The prospect of drone deliveries is tantalizing. Aren’t we all looking forward to having Amazon drop our packages neatly on the front steps?

Amazon is expanding its network rapidly – but here’s a surprise: Walmart is doing it faster.

Draganfly’s (NASDAQ: DPRO, CSE: DPRO) drone solutions can be used to ensure the timely delivery of temperature-sensitive medical supplies and life-saving equipment.

The company and Coldchain Delivery Systems, one of the largest vaccine distributors in the U.S., recently announced a partnership with Revived Soldiers Ukraine (RSU) to help provide aid to Ukrainians in need.

Both companies are working together to ensure RSU has access to cutting-edge UAV technology and crucial medical supplies as the NGO scales up its humanitarian aid operations in Ukraine.

Draganfly has a long and proud history of supporting EMS services and humanitarian aid operations globally. Before tragedy struck Ukraine, the company and Coldchain Delivery Systems reached a significant drone delivery milestone.

Currently in Phase 1 of the agreement, Draganfly is working with EMS personnel in Spring Branch, Texas on the development and training of how to properly pilot drones and handle deliveries in emergency, medical, and disaster response situations.

Professional drone operators and former U.S. Air Force (USAF) personnel who have experience with multiple drone systems including the MQ-9 Reaper RPA, are among those participating in the training module.

If it was not clear from Draganfly’s track record, the company constantly attracts serious drone talent.

To date, Draganfly has successfully completed over 300 daytime drone delivery test flights with EMS personnel in Texas and began night flight training and testing in October.

The test flights focused on all aspects of the delivery. 100 of the successful daytime test flights were completed with the company’s innovative temperature-managed payload box.

It can transport up to 35 pounds of medical supplies, including vaccines and testing kits. Draganfly’s payload box can be uniquely top-mounted for ease of access, or bottom mounted for quick release missions.

The data collected from Draganfly’s daytime and night flight tests will be submitted to the FAA for approval to enter Phase 2 of its agreement with Coldchain Delivery Systems. Feedback from EMS personnel is also being used to improve the company’s training module and develop industry standards.

Logistics is a major growth area – expanding at 57% per year.

Draganfly (NASDAQ: DPRO, CSE: DPRO) is already delivering the goods.

Saving the Food Supply

Agriculture is the largest segment of the enterprise drone market – and it keeps getting bigger. In 2014, about a third of U.S. farmers told the Farm Bureau that they either used drones or were “thinking about it.” Just four years later, it jumped to three-quarters.7

The reason for the jump? Family and commercial farms were on the edge.

Crop failure rates have soared as a result of extreme weather, high costs, supply chain woes, and other once uncontrollable environmental factors.

But, drones are now making many of these concerns obsolete. In Japan, drones the size of insects are doing the work of bees to pollinate flowers.

In Canada, drones that use a pressurized air cannon are able to plant 100,000 tree seed pods a day – capable of saving forests 8.

Draganfly’s drones are already in action across North America – patrolling miles of farmland. They’re monitoring irrigation, looking for crop diseases, spotting areas where pesticides or fertilizer need to be reapplied, and much more.

The company has been so successful that in 2021 the U.S. Department of Agriculture selected the Draganfly Commander for data collection and phenotyping.

If that word is new to you, it’s because this is cutting-edge technology and Draganfly (NASDAQ: DPRO, CSE: DPRO) is in the lead. With phenotyping, aerial cameras can quickly evaluate plant traits that are used to take teams of on-the-ground personnel.


Drone Demand Spikes On Labor Shortages And Rising Wages

Industries with tight margins like agriculture, mining, and construction need workers for routine tasks. However, data finds that younger adults in rural areas are pursuing other careers.

Workers are becoming scarce and wages are rising. The chart from AgAmerica Lending shows the change from 1950-2000. That’s accelerating in 2022. The work is often hard and dangerous.9

100-acre farms need a lot of surveillance to manage irrigation, fertilizer, weeds, and crop damage. When it comes to 5,000-acre farms, owners need help.

Drones are a versatile, reliable, and cost-effective solution. Draganfly’s UAVs can fly over a field or mining site at next to no additional cost.

Farmers today are well-educated and are constantly looking for ways to increase business outputs and profitability. They are learning to program and fly drones themselves. The same shift is taking place in other major markets including construction and mining.


A Global UAV Leader With A Competitive Advantage

While a growing number of drone companies are popping up,  they lack something very important: experience.  

The award-winning team at Draganfly (NASDAQ: DPRO, CSE: DPRO)  is comprised of industry leaders with decades of experience in robotics, aviation and engineering. The company stands out from the rest because it has the know-how, intellectual property (IP), and infrastructure to provide world-class end-to-end solutions.

From quarter to quarter, Draganfly continues to report record revenue and important partnerships with established brands. With the company continuing to see strong growth, the “smart money” investors stand to benefit.


6 Reasons Draganfly (NASDAQ: DPRO, CSE: DPRO) Is Positioned to Soar

  1. A Rare Opportunity: As Draganfly (NASDAQ: DPRO, CSE: DPRO) continues to grow,  its shares could double, triple, or quadruple its revenues within 1-2 years. The window is quickly closing for investors to join this stalwart of the drone industry on its meteoric rise.
  2. Impressive Firsts—Draganfly’s Draganflyer X4-ES is the first drone credited with saving a human life. In 2013, it helped Canadian officials locate an injured driver in a heavily wooded area. The drone remains on permanent display in the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.
  3. Super-Leverage Potential: If Boeing adds a million dollars to its drone sales, it would be a 0.002% drop in the company’s $62 billion revenue bucket. The share price would be lucky to rise 3-4% on the news, though anything can happen. Draganfly continues to hit sales milestones with each major contract. The company continues to deliver positive news that is making shares jump.
  4. A Trusted Name: — Draganfly has been driving the future of drones since the pre-drone era. The company has a stellar reputation and a proven track record of success. Draganfly has forged strong relationships with governments and industry leaders worldwide for more than two decades – keeping it in the loop on future business.
  5. Enviable Assets—24 issued patents, a 24-year track record of developing award-winning drone solutions, and top-notch billion-dollar clientele all adds up to a big opportunity for early investors.
  6. Reliable, Cost-Effective Drone Solutions: —Whether it’s flying over hazardous terrain, mapping resources, locating assets, spreading feed and fertilizer, or carrying small loads, Draganfly’s drones can get the job done faster and at a fraction of the cost.

The clock is ticking before financial outlets like Forbes and Bloomberg report the emergence of enterprise drones as a breakout industry.

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1 Enterprise drones are $4 billion now. Will be $29 billion by 2030, per Statista

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