What Is BLOV, And Why Does It Matter?

Draganfly drone over wilderness
Versatility is at the core of Draganfly’s mission. Rather than create generic drones with quality specs, the company has developed a more personalized business model. Instead, they ask those on the ground what they need, and then design a drone program to fit the purpose.

Huge News For Drone Companies. FAA to Release Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BLOVS) Regulation Updates.

This is HUGE! FAA to release BVLOS regs

  • The FAA to release updated regulations and guidelines for Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) 
  • Once this occurs, the market for drones flying beyond the visual line of sight (BVLOS) could surpass a $34 billion value in the next eight years.

A significant milestone is about to be achieved in the commercial drone industry, and Draganfly Inc. (NASDAQ: DPRO) (CSE: DPRO) (FSE: 3U8) is perfectly positioned to take advantage of it. The company’s cutting-edge hardware and software offerings are helping to shape the booming industry’s future, and its products are being used by some of the biggest names across several industries. 

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is preparing to release regulations for Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) drone operations. These regulations will outline drone operators’ criteria for conducting BVLOS flights. 

Currently, the FAA prohibits drones from flying beyond the visual line of sight of the operator.

This is a significant development for the drone industry, as it opens up a whole new range of potential drone applications. BVLOS flight regulations will allow for expanded operations in urban areas and longer-duration flights in rural and remote areas.

The release of these regulations signifies that the FAA is further embracing commercial drone operations. This is a significant evolution from just a few years ago when there was wide speculation as to how the FAA would even allow commercial drones to operate in the United States.

These new regulations are a positive step forward for the drone industry and will help to accelerate the growth of the commercial drone market.

Patent Proof: Draganfly is Taking Over the skies

delivery droneDraganfly announced the awarding of a new patent for vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) cargo delivery drones with a variable center of gravity. The design is ideal for Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) and transporting goods in hard-to-reach areas, or flights over people at night.

US Patent No. 10,807,707 is an unmanned aircraft system (UAS) configured for both vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) and fixed-wing flight operations, includes forward, and aft wing assemblies mounted to the fuselage, each wing assembly including port and starboard nacelles terminating in motor-driven rotors powered by an onboard control system capable of adjusting rotor speeds.

Draganfly has a long and proud history of supporting emergency crews. Draganfly has over 20 years of experience manufacturing drones for public safety in North America, providing crucial drone technology for use Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS). 

In 2013, Draganfly’s drone technology was credited as the first public-service drone to save a human life, and today, that drone is in the Smithsonian. During active emergency, medical, and disaster response situations, Draganfly’s drones can make a difference. Draganfly’s Medical Response Drone is designed to fly long distances while carrying up to 35lbs of sensitive medical supplies using its temperature-managed payload box. Draganfly’s surveillance technology provides quick and accurate communication of intel to first responders before they arrive on the scene, resulting in improved response times and helping save lives. 

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Our Analysts Took a Deep Look Into DPRO.

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What This Means for Commercial Drone Companies

Investors looking to position their portfolios in growth sectors need to consider Draganfly Inc. (NASDAQ: DPRO) (CSE: DPRO) (FSE: 3U8). Draganfly’s products are in high demand. When the FAA provides BVLOS regulations across delivery, search and rescue, and mapping, Draganfly is well-positioned to continue its growth and capture a large share of the drone market.

As the capabilities of drone technology continue to expand, so too does the market for these devices. According to a new report from Research and Markets, the market for drones that can fly beyond the visual line of sight (BVLOS) could surpass a $34 billion value in the next eight years. This growth is being driven by the expanding applications of drone technology. Drones are now used for various tasks beyond photography and videography, such as package delivery, agricultural mapping, and search and rescue operations. As the number of potential drone uses continues to grow, so does the market for these devices.

Analysts say that the market for BVLOS drones is expected to nearly double by 2029, as the technology continues to gain traction. With the rapid expansion of the market, it is clear that drones are here to stay and will only become more commonplace in the years to come. 

Draganfly Positioned to Take Off with Release of Expanded Beyond Visual Line of Sight Regulations

The Delivery Drones Market is expected to reach a value of $1.29 billion by 2028

During times of extreme emergencies where lives are at risk, it is essential for first responders to be aware of their environment and constantly analyze risks that are sometimes beyond the visual line of sight (BVLOS). Draganfly’s Search and Rescue drone is a high-endurance, multirotor drone capable of providing optical and infrared imaging to map inaccessible areas, locate survivors and provide critical life-saving information before ground crews arrive.

Medical response and search and rescue drones can also play a critical role in the aftermath of a natural disaster. If a country experiences an earthquake or hurricane, drones can be deployed to look for survivors, deliver critical supplies, and help in overall relief efforts.

BVLOS criteria updates by the FAA will allow commercial drone companies to expand into unmanned package delivery. Draganfly recently introduced a new Heavy Lift Drone (DHL), a versatile, multi-rotor unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) designed to enhance deliveries and flight times. The DHL Drone supports automated missions and manual flight operations and has a payload/cargo lift capacity of 30kg (67lbs). 

According to a new market research report titled “Delivery Drones Market”, The Delivery Drones Market is expected to reach a value of $1.29 billion by 2028, at a CAGR of 40% during the forecast period of 2021–2028.

Massive Growth for Commercial Use Drones

Drone Infrastructure Inspection Bill 
drone bridge inspection
  • The Federal Aviation Administration projects that the number of drones will continue to grow in the next few years, reaching 1.5 million for recreation and 800,000 for commercial use by 2024. 
  • The US House of Representatives passed a bipartisan bill to earmark up to $200 million in spending for drone use in wide-ranging inspections of the nation’s aging infrastructure. 

The Federal Aviation Administration projects that the number of drones will continue to grow in the next few years, reaching 1.5 million for recreation and 800,000 for commercial use by 2024. 

These drones range in size from small handheld systems to those weighing over 50,000 pounds. Today, drones are also being used to enhance traditional inspection methods for critical infrastructures, such as bridges and roads.

This allows for a more efficient and cost-effective way to ensure that these structures are safe and sound. In the future, drones will likely play an even greater role in our lives, providing a variety of benefits for both individuals and businesses alike.

The US House of Representatives passed a bipartisan bill to earmark up to $200 million in spending for drone use in wide-ranging inspections of the nation’s aging infrastructure.

If enacted, the measure would appropriate up to $200 million in federal funds for state and local governments to conduct wide-ranging infrastructure inspections using drones. The legislation would also establish a competitive grant program at the Department of Transportation (DOT) to cover up to 80 percent of the costs associated with integrating unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), commonly known as drones, into infrastructure inspections. The remaining 20 percent would have to be shouldered by state and local beneficiaries of the program.

Both bills were drafted with the intent of helping government agencies keep tabs on US infrastructure — bridges, roads, dams, and pipelines, among other things — without putting workers in harm’s way or overburdening them financially. The two pieces of legislation would put America closer to establishing a comprehensive drone-based infrastructure inspection program.

According to Allied Market Research, the global drone inspection and monitoring market size was valued at $6.44 billion in 2020 and is projected to reach $35.11 billion by 2030, registering a CAGR of 16.1% from 2021 to 2030.

Draganfly Technology Ready Infrastructure

  • Draganfly’s technology can be used by insurance companies for infrastructure pre-damage baseline and post-event damage assessments.
  • Draganfly’s flight, data collection, and assessment services can be used by a host of industries, including energy, communication, forestry, infrastructure, real estate, and insurance/reinsurance, to increase accuracy and speed for mapping, survey, and inspection. 

LiDAR technology is quickly becoming adopted in construction because of its ability to streamline projects and enhance productivity. LiDAR helps provide information for analysis and simulation when developing a project. It can determine repair and maintenance requirements and deliver precise and quick surveys.

Draganfly’s Long Range LiDAR system was built for precision and accuracy. This best-in-class long-range system uses Teledyne sensors which produce survey-grade point clouds with a 360-degree laser scanner. This system can be mounted on UAVs, airplanes, and helicopters and create a 3D map of the scanned regions. The sensors can cut through vegetation and brush, allowing construction companies to plan and cut overall costs.

Additionally, insurance companies and real estate marketers are capitalizing on drone technology to inspect claims on structures much faster, safer, and at a reduced cost.

Insurance companies can use Draganfly’s professional drone technology for infrastructure pre-damage baseline and post-event damage assessments to reduce risk when dealing with natural disasters and other catastrophic events. Property owners, insurers, and reinsurers can leverage our flight, data collection, and assessment services to increase accuracy and speed when inspecting a site.

Post-catastrophe, the Draganflyer Commander is often used for low, slow, and “close” assessments, such as measuring flood damage to houses on a specific residential street. 

The Pix4D drone software suite is the premiere drone photogrammetry solution for UAV-based data collection. Pix4D transforms aerial photographic data into geo-referenced 2D orthomosaics, Digital Terrain Models (DTM), 3D models, and vegetation indices.

This software is beneficial when comparing and overlaying pre-disaster and post-disaster drone data and maps to help insurers make accurate decisions.

Draganfly is on Rise

As the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) begins to roll out Beyond Visual Line of Sight regulations, and the US House of Representatives passes a bipartisan bill earmarking up to $200 million in spending for drone use in wide-ranging infrastructure inspections, Draganfly is perfectly positioned to take advantage of these opportunities.

For more than two decades, Draganfly’s award-winning drone solutions, software, and artificial intelligence (AI) systems have led the charge in several major markets, including:


Versatile, Reliable, North American-made Solutions:

As more governments and businesses turn to drones, they are looking for versatile, reliable, and secure, sophisticated solutions. In addition to developing cutting-edge drone systems that address real-world problems, Draganfly’s products and services can be easily integrated into existing operations to improve business outputs and profitability..The company recently launched its Heavy Lift and Commander 3 XL Drones as well as its Long Range Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) system.

Draganfly’s Heavy Lift Drone is a heavy-duty, multirotor UAV designed to lift more and fly further. Capable of automated missions and manual flight operations, the drone has a payload lift capacity of 67 pounds and up to 55 minutes of flight time. While Draganfly’s Heavy Lift Drone is focused on enhancing deliveries, the company’s Commander 3 XL Drone is designed for rapid deployment in challenging weather conditions, including light rain and snow. The high-endurance, weather-resistant, multirotor UAV is capable of drop and winch-down systems that can effectively transport up to 26 pounds.

Both drone systems are compatible with various interchangeable payloads, including optical and thermal imaging solutions, specialized delivery containers, and the company’s Long Range LiDAR system. With a scanning range of 750 meters, Draganfly’s advanced sensor technology can provide accurate distance measurements and improved resolution over conventional photogrammetry methods. Draganfly’s Long Range LiDAR system can be used for various customer-driven use cases, including mapping and surveying forests, cities, real estate, energy infrastructure, and telecommunications infrastructure.

For more than 20 years, Draganfly has developed cutting-edge drone solutions, software, and AI systems that continue to revolutionize how industries across various major markets do business and service their stakeholders. Friendlier drone regulations combined with the company’s reputation for developing award-winning products and services are helping position it as a leading commercial drone manufacturer in North America within the next few years.

For more information on Draganfly, please visit www.draganfly.com.

Our Analysts Took a Deep Look Into DPRO.

Download the report to see what they think of Draganfly (NASDAQ: DPRO | CSE: DPRO), and what the future holds for this evolving "drone stock".


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