Meet Datametrex, The Company Delivering On The Promise Of AI (Artificial Intelligence)

The promise of AI is no longer hype. AI is providing real results across a multitude of industries in real time across so many products we use without most of us even knowing it. It is proactive, supportive and smart. It makes our lives easier.

Examples of AI include:

  • Siri, Alexa, and other smart assistants
  • Self-driving cars
  • Robo-advisors
  • Conversational bots
  • Email spam filters
  • Netflix’s recommendations
  • Virtual travel
  • Social media

Powered by AI enables organisations such as Tesla, Netflix, Alphabet, Meta and Spotify to provide intelligent solutions, searches, and diagnostics to their customer base. Early investors into these multi-billion dollar organisations have done very well. As the AI that powers these companies gets better, so will their return on investment. 

What if you could invest in a company whose entire stable of products was AI-based. That had both a strong client base and recurring revenues.

If you were let in at the early stages of Tesla, Google, Meta (Facebook) or Netflix, knowing what you know now, how could you not?

With Continued Profitable Quarters and the Closing of Strategic Acquisitions makes Datametrex (CSE: DM) (OTC: DTMXF) (FSE: D4G) a Micro-Cap to WATCH!

Datametrex (CSE: DM) (OTC: DTMXF) (FSE: D4G) is leveraging its AI technology and technology expertise to become one of the hottest companies to be watching in 2022 as global misinformation, EV infrastructure and online medical health applications continue to see massive consumer growth. 

Datametrex is all about creating smart decisions powered by its AI technology to change the game in how we monetize the EV infrastructure, make sense of ever-expanding social data and enable quick action to connect patients with providers in real time. 

Datametrex has government, real estate and global security contracts across North America with recurring revenues tied to each. 

Whether it’s controlling the misinformation spread on the internet, creating infrastructure to support a growing consumer need for electric vehicles, or the need for people to have access to the doctors over their mobile device, Datametrex has three major pillars to drive equity value for investors. 

Electronic Vehicle Solutions (EVS)

Last year, demand for electric vehicles (EVs) led to an incredible rise in Tesla’s stock price, turning the electric vehicle pioneer from potential bankruptcy into the most valuable car manufacturer in the world. Imagine knowing about Tesla before the EV market exploded…. Tesla saw its share price surge an incredible 695% in 2020 and the world realised just how big the EV boom is.

Many look at the growth in EVs as a missed investment opportunity. But for those in commercial real estate, the true opportunity is just getting started: the race for charging stations.

You can hear the rumble as another boom is about to take place in the EV infrastructure space. Companies are looking for the right technology to deploy across North America, and Datametrex is on the leading edge with their EV technology.

Plug-in vehicles are expected to make up 23% of new passenger vehicles by 2025 from just under 10% in 2021 with over 52% of consumers looking to purchase EV cars. Bloomberg NEF projects that plug-in vehicle sales will rise from 6.6 million in 2021 to 20.6 million in 2025. 

Datametrex through its partnership with EVAR (Electric Vehicle Advanced Recharging Inc.), a spin-off company from Samsung Electronics C-Lab, is perfectly positioned to dominate as every major auto manufacturer appears to have a strategy aimed at an all-electric future.

Monetizing the EV Revolution

The #1 concern of consumers looking to purchase a plug-in vehicle is range. How far can the vehicle go on a charge? Datametrex provides the solution to ease range anxiety. 

By creating an electric fuelling network, Datametrex removes the barrier to entry helping to accelerate the mass adoption of electric vehicles, making EV charging affordable and available. The benefits of a SaaS model are obvious, both for the consumer and for the investor. A SaaS model enables ease of use and peace of mind for the consumer while providing a continuous revenue stream. 

Electrifying Commercial Real Estate

Datametrex recently announced that it has secured seven commercial properties in B.C. to install its EV charging platforms. The properties include a commercial retail plaza, multi residence apartment, and golf clubs. 

The company has commenced its first deployment of charging stations at a commercial plaza in North Vancouver and plans to expand further in Canada’s commercial real estate space. This partnership will generate significant SaaS revenue growth for the company.

“With Canadian and the US initiatives being put in place to grow the EV market and install more charging stations to help cut carbon pollution, it was a no-brainer to expand DM EVS from roadside assistance to also providing charging stations for EV drivers. Building a recharging environment to provide EV solutions to all is a priority, and this is the first step!” – Marshall Gunter, CEO of Datametrex

44 million electric vehicles are expected to hit the roads by 2030. Charging will no longer be a nice to have, but a key in creating more value for real estate properties.

Without EV charging, rental properties will face a risk of shrinking gross rental income. EV charging will be an integral part of real-estate sustainability programs. 

DM EVS is the exclusive Canadian partner of EVAR (Electric Vehicle Advanced Recharging Inc.)

EVAR Highlights

  1. EVAR is one of the developers of innovative solutions for electric vehicle charging and is one of the world’s first developers of autonomous EV recharging robots. 
  2. EVAR is a spin-off from Samsung Electronics C-Lab with a focus on creating a hassle-free, EV recharging environment.
  3. EVAR won the innovation award at CES 2022, the world’s largest technology event, along with “Best Innovation” award from Lotte Construction.

EVAR obtains Li-ion batteries from SK ON, LG Energy Solution, and Samsung SDI and serves as technical advisors for these major Korean battery corporations.

To learn more about EVAR, please visit

MEDI-CALL On-Demand Medical Support

The next big thing in healthcare isn’t a fad. It is how more and more people are accessing healthcare. In fact, the global digital health market size was valued at USD 175.6 billion in 2021 and is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 27.7% from 2022 to 2030.

Datametrex’s Medi-Call is perfectly poised within this billion-dollar industry in both growth and opportunity. 

Medi-call is a subscription-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) mobile application that connects patients with doctors. It is an integrated grid system that connects patients with providers in real-time. Medi-Call solves accessibility issues for patients living in rural or isolated communities and those also have limited mobility, while improving coordination and communication of treatment among healthcare team members and their patients. Medi-Call facilitates mobile health care services, including prescriptions, and is passionate about building doctor-patient relationships. 

** Medi-Call is available for iOS and Android

Nowhere But Up

Increasing smartphone penetration, improving internet connectivity, advancing healthcare IT infrastructure, growing healthcare expenditure, rising prevalence of chronic diseases, increasing demand for remote patient monitoring services, and increasing accessibility of virtual care are driving market growth. 

In addition to providing ongoing healthcare, urgent care, and prescription care, telehealth can reduce or eliminate several barriers to mental healthcare faced by residents of rural areas, and remove the barrier of traveling distances to access health care, in addition to the heightened stigma around mental health. Many youths in rural and urban areas lack access to suicide prevention resources.

Medi-Call recently introduced Mental Health support as part of their mobile health care services. Virtual mental care services will be available for Medi-Call subscribers in Vancouver and soon to be rolled out in additional markets, who are experiencing anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, or other mental health challenges. With virtual counseling, support, medical attention, and prescription services, patients can get the help they need virtually. 

Datametrex will adapt its Nexalogy AI technology with Medi-Call’s App to help detect mental health issues through social posting and provide their services and solutions through their AI-integrated software to those in need. 

AI is transformative, and Datametrex continues to augment how it adapts its technology across its products. 

Datametrex’s Medi-Call is perfectly poised within this billion-dollar industry in both growth and opportunity. 

Medi-call is a subscription-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) mobile application that connects patients with doctors. It is an integrated grid system that connects patients with providers in real-time. Medi-Call solves accessibility issues for patients living in rural or isolated communities and those who also have limited mobility while improving coordination and communication of treatment among healthcare team members and their patients. Medi-Call facilitates mobile health care services, including prescriptions, and is passionate about building doctor-patient relationships. 

AI Can Transform How Healthcare is Delivered

The most common use cases in telehealth utilizing AI include data analysis and collaboration, patient monitoring remotely, and intelligent diagnosis and support. 

AI is leveraged to augment physicians’ abilities to diagnose and treat patients, mitigate burnout and enhance the spectrum of the patient journey. As a result of the ongoing public health crisis, the focus on AI and telehealth is increasing in importance. 

Datametrex has enabled the solution in an easy-to-use SaaS-based model that connects patients to physicians/nurses from any mobile device with no wait times & prescriptions access. Please visit for more information

 *Medi-Call is currently available in British Columbia, Canada. 

Medi-Call services include but are not limited to:

  • One 360-degree quarterly in-home wellness visit (checkup)
  • Unlimited access to telehealth platform
  • Free prescription refills
  • Access to expert nursing team
  • Safe and secure electronic medical record (EMR) keeping system that follows you geographically
  • No more long wait times


Canadians have felt the increased limitations of an overburdened healthcare system, and Datametrex
is addressing Canada’s concerns with their Medi-Call business. Telehealth benefits the healthcare system and the people who access it. Medi-Call makes it fast, efficient and affordable.
Telehealth is not going anywhere – it will continue to scale quickly, and Datametrex’s Medi-Call is perfectly positioned to simplify healthcare for patients with immediate access and attention from a medical professional. 


Dangers of Misinformation

Globally, society is impacted by the power of misinformation. It has permeated everywhere that we get our news. In the age of mass information, news is served up on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Apple News, Google, and the list continues. News travels in seconds and most people are fed their news, meaning however it is served up and what the topic is, they take it as factual. Regardless if it is inaccurate, fake, or embellished. 

The global domination of social media has made it so easy to get curated news sent to our feeds. In addition to that, AI and algorithms send across information into our feeds based on what we have clicked on or shared. This perpetuates the syndication of misinformation. 

Add to this layer the malicious spread of misinformation by external players. Whether political, scientific, business, terrorist, entertainment, or natural disasters. 

MIT did a study that found that 126,000 rumours and false news stories spread on Twitter over a period of 11 years found that they traveled faster and reached more people than the truth.

Regardless of fake news, social media stocks and other “news” providers/syndicators are big ticket items. Twitter Inc (NYSE: TWTR) at the time of this writing is trading at $40.60, Meta Platforms (Facebook) (Nasdaq: META) $165.25, and Alphabet (Google) (NASDAQ: GOOGLE) $115.08. 

Misinformation has the power to alter elections, sway beliefs and affect the stock market. There is big money in the prevention of the spread of misinformation. Governments, banks, and industries all have a stake in the information that is spread across the internet. 

Beyond the news, the data contained across these platforms is incredibly valuable. 

Datametrex is uniquely positioned to help identify misinformation with its Nexalogy platform. 

As a leading provider of social media research technology and consulting services, Datametrex offers clients a variety of strategies, allowing them to benefit from the advanced analytical power of our proprietary social data mining and analysis engine.

Nexalogy’s clients include, but are not limited to, the Canadian government, the US government, NATO, Samsung, LOTTE Corporation, and more.

Datametrex’s Nexalogy helps governments fight misinformation. Nexalogy discovers conversations on social networks that enable governments to extract actionable insights. 

Canada’s Department of National Defence views Nexalogy as a leader in cyber security intelligence. In February of 2022 Nexalogy was approved by the DND to work on its Tracing Mass Manipulation in the Social Media War of Influence, utilizing Nexalogy’s Social Media Automated Reporting Technologies. 

This indicates the strong level of confidence the DND has in Datametrex’s ability to maintain a technical advantage in social media cyber security. 

In January of 2022 Datametrex won a contract for a multi-phase Canadian Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) bid that was previously announced on October 25, 2021, with the potential fully realized contract worth approximately $40 million, CAD. 

Datamatrex has been tasked to collaborate with its partner using Datametrex’s Social Media Automated Reporting Technologies (“SMART”) to speed up time to insight in investigating Social Media Influencer Activities.

DM’s Nexalogy SMART technology reduces the time needed to interpret and integrate large sets of data by offering powerful automated analyses, extracting the relevant data, and producing automated reports delivered either as PDFs, DOCs, or via API for further processing, thus allowing clients to work with manageable information set. Nexalogy SMART allows an analyst to deal with hundreds of thousands of social media documents in minutes rather than hours or days. Nexalogy SMART technology helps companies mitigate risk factors and optimizes business to improve the bottom line.

“The selection of Nexalogy as a leader in cyber security intelligence with a strong focus on social data analysis indicates the confidence the DND (Canada’s Department of National Defence) has in our ability to maintain a technical advantage in social media cyber security,” – Marshall Gunter, CEO of the Company. 

Innovation of Defence and Excellence Security

Canada’s Department of National Defence (“DND”) has approved the Company’s next milestone through DND’s Innovation for Defence Excellence and Security (“IDEaS”) program. IDEaS supports the development of solutions from their conceptual stage, through prototype testing and capability development. The program includes several elements that promote collaboration between innovators, provide developmental resources, and opportunities to interact with DND’s science and military members through which all innovators are on an even playing field to solve specific defence and security challenges. 

For more info about the program, visit Innovation for Defence Excellence and Security.

AI Technology Securities Vendor

Datametrex is continuously working with various divisions of LOTTE and has demonstrated to be a reliable and trustworthy AI technology solutions vendor, providing critical optimizations for the Company’s business.

Samsung SDS is a global software solutions and IT services company. Samsung SDS helps organizations optimize their productivity and make smarter business decisions using our enterprise software solutions for Secure Mobility, HPC managed services, DOOH, Advanced Video Analytics, Prescriptive Analytics and Contextual Marketing, Mobile Point of Sale, and Biometrics Authentication.

Datametrex has received purchase orders of approximately $1,150,000 CAD from LOTTE Data Communication Co., Ltd. and (“LOTTE”), and Samsung SDS Co. Ltd., (“SAMSUNG”) further establishing itself as a leader in AI technology. 

Cost of Misinformation

Russia has been playing a significant role in an effort to sway global politics and economies for decades, and they are currently playing a significant role in the Russian-Ukraine war. 

Misinformation is also commonly used by warring nations as part of propaganda campaigns. Early during the conflict, the Russian media made claims that the Ukrainian military had fled the battlefield, a claim that clearly was not true. Much of the misinformation appears to be coming from third parties that are independent of both militaries or governments. Individuals around the world are using social media to spread large amounts of misinformation. 

It is estimated that the total worldwide economic loss of misinformation and the spread of fake news is 78 billion dollars, if you take into account the proliferation of fake news in the financial, political and healthcare fields. Not only is the damage economic, but can leave general disorientation among a population.

Fake news, or disinformation, can originate and can spread from anywhere and be shared across a wide range of platforms. This can include deep fakes, biased reporting and selectively quoting sources, which can make it challenging for consumers to determine the truth.

Stockhouse Article

Our Freedom

DM’s Nexalogy can help maintain our freedoms by helping governments fight misinformation without limiting our right to free speech.

Datametrex’s Nexalogy helps governments fight misinformation. Nexalogy discovers conversations on social networks that enable governments to extract actionable insights. 

Harvard Law’s Martha Minow says there are plenty of steps the federal government could take to clean up disinformation and misinformation without running afoul of the Constitution.

“When it comes to holding the platform companies responsible for conveying, amplifying, even escalating hateful communications, misinformation, [and] disinformation, there are some techniques, but we have to be careful because if the government is involved, then the First Amendment is front and centre.”

Datametrex’s Nexalogy is perfectly positioned to help combat fake news and misinformation in whatever shape it presents itself. 

Current languages supported: English, French, Russian, and Korean (more coming soon).

The system collects and analyses data from Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, blogs, web forums, online news sites, Google Alerts, and RSS feeds. With it, users can make qualitative analyses based on both quantitative and qualitative data, so you can provide context for the numbers, not just spreadsheets.

Datametrex is on the verge of being one of the top performers in the microcap market this year. Each vertical is on the leading edge of technology and they are entering industries that are seeing massive growth.  Put Datametrex on your radar and watch this company gain market share in the next 12 to 24 months.


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