CurrencyWorks (CSE: CWRK, OTC: CWRK) Report

CurrencyWorks Inc. is redefining the transaction value chain for customer attraction engagement and retention for brands by increasing transactions through the creation and implementation of their own digital currency.

The company solves real problems with real solutions for real customers with a clearly defined token models of Payment Tokens (with credit), Security Tokens and Non-Fungible Tokens.

CurrencyWorks Inc. (CSE: CWRK | OTCQB: CWRK). Has Advanced its $0 Cost Energy Blockchain Mining Platform… Reducing GHG Emissions!

Earlier this year Elon Musk made headlines for announcing that his electric vehicle company Tesla would accept the #1 digital coin as a payment method.

Well, months later Musk announced that the company would no longer accept the coin due to concerns over the environmental impact.

The CEO tweeted that the company would use the coin for transactions only when mining transitions to a more sustainable energy!

CurrencyWork’s First Barrett-Jackson Digital Collectible (NFTs) Sell Off for Over $65,000 in 12 minutes
(Released June 21, 2021)

The market for digital coins has surpassed $2 trillion in May of 2021 and this could be just the beginning…

While these coins have hit record highs this year, the vast electricity usage required to power their transactions remains a major cause of concern.

This is an economic problem… an environmental problem… and an ethical problem…

The global adaptation of these coins will only make the problem worse but CurrencyWorks Inc. (CSE: CWRK | OTCQB: CWRK) has a solution!


This technology reduces waste currently filling landfills, a prevalent cause of greenhouse gas emissions containing methane that is more harmful than CO2.

The product will help to develop a sustainable way of minimizing MSW and using that energy to mine for the coins!
“Mining can be incredibly profitable if you can eliminate or minimize the energy costs in the mining process, while at the same time through these policies and best practices reduce the need for landfills and GHG, providing cleaner air and water, conservation of local biodiversity, sustainable energy development and green jobs.”

— Cameron Chell, Chairman of CurrencyWorks

This is a company that looks to have been completely overlooked... …that is UNTIL NOW.

More Reasons to Have CurrencyWorks Inc. on Your Watch List Include: CurrencyWorks Inc. on Your Watch List Include:

  • The company recently announced the advancement of its zero-cost energy digital coin mining platform – “Zer00 c.rypto mining platform” – which utilizes a thermal treatment (not burning) of waste to generate energy. The initial scalable unit will process enough power to run up to 200 cryptocurrency mining machines. The energy generated is environmentally friendly, and the system will be self-sustainable!

  • Clients include: RYDE (formerly KODAKOne), CSE/Odyssey Trust, Barret-Jackson Auto Auction (NFTs), BitRail, Wax and Topps!

  • In a partnership with Odyssey Trust Company and the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE), the company is creating a token reporting system for exchanges that provides various integration services, as well as a Testnet and smart contract platforms to be used to test and validate the process of issuing security tokens. The token reporting system can be immediately deployed to drive value for public issuers!

  • What separates the company from others is that they are doing something with “tokenization” that is GAME CHANGING! The company is redefining the transaction value chain for customer attraction engagement and retention for brands by increasing transactions through the creation and implementation of their own digital currency!

  • The company has more than 20 years together as a leadership team!

  • Blockchain is expected to become a big part of the future and the technology has far-reaching applications across many industries. Everything will soon be on the blockchain and the company is helping to make this happen!

With These Developments Happening, Now May be the Perfect Time to Have the Company on Your Radar!

Continue Reading to See Why CurrencyWorks Inc. (CSE: CWRK | OTCQB: CWRK) Should be at the top of your trading screen!

Greetings Investors,

After a few years of a hiatus, digital coins came back with a big bang at the start of 2021 and their explosions have been red hot!

It is becoming very evident that digital assets are now looked at as a place where “safe money” is going… similar to gold.
It is undeniable that what was once considered a niche is now a mainstream topic that is being followed by millions of people around the world.

These coins have a distinct set of advantages based on their blockchain technology. One advantage is that they are secure. Blockchain is notoriously difficult to break.

Second, the coins have the chief attribute of any store of value: scarcity.

People are looking more seriously at the sector and growing digital currency wallets are even allowing some people the opportunity to buy homes and cars and to pay off their debts.

Financial institutions continue to integrate these digital coins while big known investors and innovators such as Elon Musk and Mark Cuban are remarking on their bullish future.

In a May tweet, Musk said it was “promising” while Cuban tweeted, “Tokens/Coin prices are now less a bet on the future and more a reflection of real demand.”

The world’s largest digital coin was once around $1.00 and this year hit nearly $70,000!

This is one of the biggest booms to hit the world and the idea is to find tomorrow’s leaders TODAY!

The next winner in the digital currency landscape could be CurrencyWorks Inc. (CSE: CWRK | OTCQB: CWRK) as it shapes the future of finance and builds products across the fast-growing blockchain ecosystem!

CurrencyWorks Inc. (CSE: CWRK | OTCQB: CWRK) is led by experts in technology, entrepreneurship, and finance, who are building digital currencies for brands, companies, and communities who cannot do it themselves!
The company is redefining the transaction value chain for customer attraction, engagement and retention for brands by increasing transactions through the creation and implementation of their own digital currency.

The company can act as a vendor or can do joint ventures to launch and develop branded corporate digital currencies to solve real world problems and create more transactions.

CurrencyWorks and Barrett-Jackson set to Revolutionize Automotive Memorabilia Market with Platform
(Released June 17, 2021)

Digital Assets

Digitizes collectible and tradable assets like trading cards to create new streams of revenue and brand loyalty.

Security Tokens

Empowers investment transparency and credibility by building security tokens and blockchain systems for trading and tracking.

Creating Digital Currencies for Brands

CurrencyWorks Inc. is redefining the transaction value chain for customer attraction engagement and retention for brands by increasing transactions through the creation and implementation of their own digital currency.

The company solves real problems with real solutions for real customers with a clearly defined token models of Payment Tokens (with credit), Security Tokens and Non-Fungible Tokens.

The Non-Fungible Token (NTF)

Non-Fungible Token represents unique digital goods. They are used to create verifiable digital scarcity and immutable ownership.

An NFT is a special type of cryptographic token which represents something unique; non-fungible tokens are not mutually interchangeable by their individual specification. In contrast to cryptocurrencies and utility tokens they are fungible in nature.

Non-Fungible Token Applications

Non-Fungible Tokens are used to create verifiable digital scarcity, as well as player ownership, and the possibility of asset interoperability across multiple games. NFTs are used in several specific applications that require unique digital items like crypto-collectibles and crypto-gaming.

The Security Token (STO)

A Security Token is a contract that represents legal ownership of a physical asset like real estate.

The immutable records of the CurrencyWorks™ Security Token ownership is verified on the blockchain.

An STO is a regulated fundraising tool. A Security Token Offering generates “Security Tokens” which are real-time digital assets that operate within legal and regulatory boundaries and are registered on the blockchain.

Security Tokens redefine the meaning of “ownership”. Security Tokens democratize assets and can distribute them among people globally. Security Tokens allow for friction free fractional ownership of physical assets.

The Payment Token

The Payment Token is a “stable coin” which is a digital currency that is pegged to another stable asset, the U.S. dollar. This allows for practical usage of using the CurrencyWorks™ Payment Token to pay for things every single day.

The CurrencyWorks Payment Token is a digital currency that has price stability, scalability, privacy, and decentralization. The Payment Token is a global digital currency that is not tied to a central bank and has low volatility.

As a stable coin the CurrencyWorks™ Payment Token has short-term stability, important for daily transactions and long-term stability, important for holding.

CurrencyWorks™ Payment Token will facilitate mass adoption for any Branded community by utilizing the blockchain to sell real-world goods and services.

CurrencyWorks Inc. has announced the initiative and advancement of its zero-cost energy digital coin mining platform!

The company has designed and is implementing its Zer00™ mining platform as a proprietary multi-step integrated platform utilizing a thermal treatment (not burning) of waste to generate energy which will power CurrencyWorks’ Zer00™ mining platform,

Under an exclusive arrangement with Fogdog Energy Solutions Inc. which includes a US$400,000 loan to Fogdog to be used to construct and implement the electricity power generation thermal unit powered by MSW (municipal solid water) to be supplied by a municipality in Canada.

The initial scalable unit will process MSW and generate enough power to run up to 200 digital coin mining machines. The energy generated is environmentally friendly, and the system will be self-sustainable.

Additionally, this technology reduces MSW and other waste currently filling landfills, a prevalent cause of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) containing methane that is more harmful than CO2.

CurrencyWorks Inc. intends on purchasing up to an initial 200 digital coin mining machines for its Zer00™ mining platform!

According to recent research by Facts & Factors, the global digital coin market was estimated at USD $792.53 Million in 2019 and may reach USD $5,190.62 Million by 2026. This global market anticipates growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 30% from 2019 to 2026.

The #1 digital currency’s emissions have been skyrocketing in recent years!

The BofA Global Research report also found that the #1 digital coin produces more carbon emissions than American Airlines, one of the largest airlines in the world with over 200 million passengers in an ordinary year!

The emissions are also comparable to those of the U.S. federal government, which employs over 2 million people!

Today, investors want to understand where their digital coin was mined, when it was mined, and the coin’s provenance, making clean energy mining more critical now more than ever before…

Established Brands

Recent Client Projects

1. Ryde (Formerly KODAKOne) – Digital Currency

CurrencyWorks Inc. partnered with technology and image software behemoth Kodak to build one of the first platforms to generate significant revenue in the blockchain space, forever changing image licensing!

The Ryde Image Rights Management Platform, a Post Licensing Portal component of the Ryde platform, created an encrypted, digital ledger of ownership rights, an archival system, and a licensing vehicle for photographers, all with built-in transaction processing.
The media campaign CurrencyWorks Inc. created and executed for the launch generated 261 media hits and more than 2 billion impressions.

The brand licensee with agreement with Kodak at CES resulted in a 44% increase in the company’s stock.

Within months of the platform going live, over $1M in photo licensing claims were generated.

BitRail – Fintech Platform

CurrencyWorks Inc. developed BitRail, a blockchain platform that exchanges would be able to accept the world’s leading digital asset coin as a form of payment. The platform allows e-commerce providers to operate regulatory compliant cryptocurrencies for payments in accordance with state money
The company had announced the creation of a token reporting system for exchanges in December of 2020, providing various integration services, as well as a Testnet and smart contract platforms to be used to test and validate the process of issuing security tokens.

Wax and Topps

CurrencyWorks Inc. partnered with two nostalgic brands, Wax and Topps, to turn the $100,000 Garbage Pail Kids Series 1 inventory into non-fungible digital collectibles!

The digital collectible packs were available in five-card packs for $4.99 and 30-card packs for $24.99, and could be held in digital wallets or traded on the platform. The first release sold out in just over 24 hours!
The CurrencyWorks collectibles platform built to power transactions included features for:

Issuance: Branded digital collectibles created as NFTs (non-fungible tokens) on the WAX blockchain
Provenance: Scarcity and ownership history authenticated on the WAX blockchain
Security: Smart contracts and digital wallets to buy, hold, or trade digital collectibles within communities
Monetization: Payment processing integrated for purchases of the digital collectibles

Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction – Non-Fungible Token

CurrencyWorks Inc. partnered with well-known auto auction leader Barrett-Jackson to create the first NFTs for car collectors!
In June 2021, the brand plans to auction off a limited number of NFTs for 4 VIN 001 vehicles – the 2021 Ford Bronco 2-Door, 2022 GMC Hummer EV Edition 1, 2021 Ram 1500 TRX Launch Edition and 2021 Ford Mustang Mach 1 – in a debut first series.

FreedomCoin – Digital Currency

CurrencyWorks Inc. leveraged BitRail to build FreedomCoin, a regulated digital asset powered by BitRail for merchants.
FreedomCoin is designed for inexpensive, instant, and secure payments and money transfers. It demystified digital currencies, formerly an abstract idea reserved for BitCoin holders, and empowered normal consumers to realize the power of digital currencies by enabling payments for everyday purchases.

The coin developed for GunBroker, an online marketplace lets users buy and sell hunting, outdoor sports, and firearms products.

Why FreedomCoin and BitRail are the Future?

Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) – Blockchain Platform

CurrencyWorks Inc. is partnering with CSE and Odyssey Trust Company to build a security token reporting system!

Through the blockchain platform, a unique security token can be associated with each issuer on the CSE that opts into the platform, enabling Odyssey Trust to provide issuers with deeper reporting information and enhanced transfer agent services. The blockchain reporting system will run parallel to the existing clearing and settlement services for CSE issuers.
CurrencyWorks Inc. will provide various integration services, as well as Testnet and smart contract platforms. These will be used to test and validate the process of issuing security tokens.
“Security tokens are gaining increasing acceptance in jurisdictions around the world, providing issuers and investors with an innovative way to create value and liquidity. We are pleased to partner with Odyssey Trust and the CSE to launch this system,”

— commented Cameron Chell, Chairman of CWRK.
“The CSE is committed to leading international exchange markets in the listing and trading of regulated security tokens, and we are pleased to be collaborating with CurrencyWorks and Odyssey Trust to support the infrastructure enabling security token offerings in Canada. We have seen tremendous interest in security tokens among both existing and potential CSE issuers,”

— said Richard Carleton, CEO of the CSE.
The blockchain platform being developed for exchanges will also have the ability to accept the #1 digital asset in the world as a form of payment!

The Future is Blockchain

Digital assets of all types make use of distributed ledger technology known as blockchain.

This is the future… blockchain and digital assets!

Blockchain points “to a future, and point to a world, where content exists forever, where it’s permanent, where it doesn’t go away, where it exists forever on every single node that’s connected to it,” Square and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey told Human Rights Foundation president Thor Halvorssen in September of 2020.
Tokenization is disrupting the world and how the world invests in assets is going through a fundamental change.

Tokenization refers to the process of issuing blockchain-based tokens representing real-world assets. Next to blockchain, tokenization is the new kid on the block and is still fairly unheard of to the masses.

Matthew Roszak (this is the guy who gave Bill Clinton and Richard Branson their first digital assets) has said, “Tokenization brings one of the greatest generational opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors.”

Tokenization could make the financial industry more accessible, cheaper, faster, and easier.

This niche industry is projected to get very big and CurrencyWorks Inc. could become a pivotal player in the arena!

According to Markets and Markets, the global tokenization market size is expected to grow from USD 1.9 billion in 2020 to USD 4.8 billion by 2025, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 19.5% during the forecast period.

As written in the research firm’s report, “The major factors fueling the tokenization market include increasing need to stay compliant with regulations and growing need to ensure continuous customer experience as well as maintain fraud prevention levels due to increased financial crimes.”

The Future of Collectibles is Going Digital

For anyone who has collected Pokémon or baseball cards as a kid, you know just how rare some of them can be.

Think of the rare ones you owned. If it had been lost or stolen, it would have been gone for good and even if you did find it, how do you prove you once owned it?
The estimated size of the global collectibles market is $370 billion!

Digital collectibles are a new medium that is gaining in popularity. Businesses in the collectibles market have new offerings, demographics and economic impacts to take into account and are recognizing the potential of digital collectibles.

The arena is getting recognized to the point that even the NBA has become involved!

Dapper Labs, a blockchain company, partnered with the National Basketball Association to make digital collectibles of in-game highlights a reality.

The next frontier in sports collectibles are digital. The multi-million-dollar baseball cards and jerseys can be hard to authenticate. With digital collectibles, they can be sold at any time and do not have to be evaluated.

Recent Developments

CurrencyWorks Signs Agreement with XTM to Enable its Today™ Global Wallet Holders to Purchase NFTS

XTM has signed an agreement with CurrencyWorks Inc. to enable its Today Mobile Wallet holders access to its industry-leading CurrencyWorks Collectibles NFT platform and proprietary NFT payment platform at its launch in Q2 of 2021.

A pioneer in the NFT space, the CurrencyWorks Collectibles NFT platform includes unique features and capabilities to help drive value and the best user experience of the NFTs created and managed for its customers.

CurrencyWorks has value-add features including the design of NFTs, automatic copyright registration with the United States copyright office, automated usage tracking, and license management in addition to exclusive content, features, and benefits.
“According to Forbes, within less than three months, the combined market cap of major NFT projects has increased by 1,785% in 2021. Demand for participation in acquiring NFTs is quickly accelerating. Creating accessibility to XTM’s Today users through CurrencyWorks’ proprietary platform to NFTs such as the recently announced VIN001 series from Barrett-Jackson is another step in broadening our base,”

— said Cameron Chell, Chairman, CurrencyWorks.
“We have growing demand from our mobile subscribers for easy access to an NFT provider. CurrencyWorks being the leader and innovator in the space this exclusive choice was an easy one,”

— said Marilyn Schaffer, CEO of XTM. Selects CurrencyWorks to Develop Celebrity NTF Chef Platform!

CurrencyWorks Inc. announced on May 13th, a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with, Inc., pursuant to which the parties have agreed to work together to develop and build a NFT platform for celebrity chefs, brands, restaurants, and personalities unique to the restaurant/hospitality industry and!, Inc. is a pioneer in the restaurant deal space and is the United States’ largest restaurant-focused digital deals brand.

Founded in 1999,, Specials by, and’s Corporate Incentives division connects digital consumers, businesses, and communities, offering thousands of dining, retail, and entertainment deal options nationwide at over 184,000 restaurants and retailers.

Pursuant to the terms of the MOU, CurrencyWorks has agreed to build the customized, white labelled “” platform through the community, subject to regulatory compliance, for a minimum cost of US$250,000 to be paid upon the achievement by CurrencyWorks of certain milestones in cash and/or equity considerations at a ratio to be determined and mutually agreed upon by the parties.

The company and have also agreed to a revenue share arrangement as well as a joint marketing and advertising budget. The MOU is for a term of 60 days after which the parties plan on entering into a definitive agreement with respect to the project.

The initial focus of the platform is expected to be on celebrity chef related NFTs, inclusive of unique cards, videos, experiences, exclusive recipes, and more and is anticipated to include the participation of restaurants, vendors, suppliers, and hospitality brands utilizing NFT promotions, and couponing.
“We’re excited to use the endless possibilities of NFTs to highlight the genius behind the celebrity brands, restaurants, and personalities at We’re excited to work with CurrencyWorks, a pioneer in the NFT space, to help us to enable culinary fans to own an original digital asset such as an original recipe, menu, or food photography. There is literally no limit as to the ways NFTs can be sliced and diced,”

— said Ketan Thakker, CEO of


Management – More than 20 years together as a leadership team!

Board of Directors – Expertise in technology, government policy and business!

Advisory Board – Expertise in business, blockchain technology, and capital markets!

The Bottom Line

CurrencyWorks Inc.’s offering has expanded capabilities in design, build, launch, management, community development, and most critically payments processing with its robust yet simple KYC AML infrastructure, offering end-to-end capabilities for NFT partners.

These updates can support partners ranging from sports teams and leagues through to the music and entertainment industry to established household brands and even to the art world who is embracing NFT’s as evidenced by the recent $69.3 million sales of Beeple’s “EVERYDAYS: The First 5000 Days” NFT auctioned by the storied Christie’s auction house!

CurrencyWorks Inc. has a client list that includes Topps, RYDE (formely KODAKOne), and others, who have large customer bases, fan followings, or online communities – acting as a vendor or joint venture to launch and develop digital currencies to solve real-world problems and create more transactions.

This is a company that could make verifying the authenticity of your collectibles or those that you buy a thing of the past!

Tokenization is an opportunity to reshape the world of finance so that things are more affordable, more secure and more accessible. This could be a big part of the financial world in the future and even though now it remains a niche category, this looks poised to quickly change…

With how mining digital currency is taking a toll on the environment, CurrencyWorks Inc. could soon be recognized for its zero-cost energy digital coin mining platform!

Rising digital coin prices have led to an “astronomical” surge in CO2 emissions and something needs to be done.

Plus, with a blockchain platform in development with the CSE, this is a company that is carving out a name for itself in the monstrous Blockchain Boom!

CurrencyWorks Inc. (CSE: CWRK | OTCQB: CWRK) is a small-cap company that is positioned for stellar growth as the Blockchain Revolution explodes!


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